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The Mountain Bike Adventure Guide
to the Pacific Coast

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Southwest Washington

Mountain Bike!
Northwest Washington

Wild Pigs

Wild Pigs contains perhaps the best Pacific Coast touring maps you'll find anywhere, with campgrounds, intermediate mileages, elevation profiles, and detailed directions through every big town. But the book also describes over 45 mountain bike rides between Whistler, B.C. and Santa Barbara, California, all along the coast. It's the perfect guide for summer Pacific coast bike tripping.

Note: Wild Pigs was researched and written in 1993-94 and published in 1995, so the data is quite old by guidebook standards. No new edition is currently planned, but we'll keep you posted. The touring maps, however, still rock, and the Pacific Coast is still beautiful.



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• By John Zilly
• $12.95
• 204 pages
• ISBN: 1-881583-05-8